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Podcast about all things to do with livestock showing, past and present, including interviews, discussions and general chitchat.

This week we have another first on the podcast as we go to Norway to speak with the very interesting Erlend Røhnebæk about his beef operation and the beef industry in general in that country. With short winters and -25 temperatures there is very little self produced protein hence they look very much to maximise feed efficiency by a number of means. I am also joined on the call by Harbro Nutritionist, Jill Hunter who has recently visited the set-up.  

From early influences of JE Kerr, Willie McLaren set on a course with Angus cattle that never faltered. From big to small and back full circle, Willie was a man of vision, always with one eye on the future. Never far from the top through half a century, records like winning 71 championships out of 114 shows endorse the quality of Angus cattle bred at Netherton. This week we discuss his life with Willie Jnr, with a few snippets of original recordings from a few years ago.

Something different and another first this week as we change species, to talk about the Clydesdale horse with well known and respected character, George Skinner from Strathorn. With wise snippets like ‘The hind leg is the engine of the horse’ we hear first hand at some of the trials and successes of this great beast that was once the backbone of the farming industry across the world.

I don’t think I have ever been to a show that my guest this week, Paul Walker, wasn’t exhibiting cattle at. One of the UK’s busiest freelance stockmen, we chat about his passion for showing, including his own herds of Blues and Herefords.

John Campbell, originally from Thrunton in Northumberland chats to be about the early years and phenomenal success of the top Charolais cattle herd and the sheer numbers that were involved. We then go into his passion for Suffolk sheep and breeding commercial tups for Kelso sales.  No stranger to the championships rosettes at Smithfield, John and I move on to the running of the show itself and the trials that imposed. We also discuss his new venture into direct sales and even a new cattle breed at Roseburgh.  

Known by many as one of the greatest stockmen of his generation, Hugh Dunlop, from Ayrshire shares his stories with me on this week’s podcast. From learning from the master, Ian Anderson, to setting the benchmark breeding and winning with one of the best beasts of all time, Dancing Queen, Hugh is as always very modest about his success record.

This week we speak with Libby Clarke, a real character from Northern Ireland! We hear about her father Tom, and the beginnings of the legendary Automart in Portadown, as well as some early Charolais cattle. Libby inherited his passion for Balmoral show, an event she has a long time association with. With organising show, sales, and judging, charity work, as well as running an estate agency she must qualify as one of agriculture’s busiest ladies, and such a pleasure to speak to.

As well as one of the UK's leading Charolais cattle breeders Raymond's venture into the Valais Blacknose sheep breed has been a phenomenal success, and not only securing him a wife! We hear his incredible story as well as about his stint on BBC TV's excellent programme, This Farming Life. 

More live broadcast from GYS including a chat with a main steward, as well as catching up with a few old mates. 

A real technical challenge today, but we have somehow managed to record a live broadcast from th0e GYS, mainly from the Shorthorn Cattle Rings and their 200 year convention. Thanks to all who contributed.  

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